Monday, 2 November 2015

Cabana Launch Party - Brazilian BBQ Comes To Manchester

With a major revamp of the Corn Exchange finally complete, Cabana Brasilian Barbecue joined the killer restaurant line-up last week and this was a launch I definitely wouldn't have missed...

I've never been to a Brasilian restaurant before so I didn't really know what to expect! The bright colours and lively music lifted your mood as soon as you walked through the doors and the spicy fumes were sure to make your taste buds go wild. What I liked most about this launch was that the tables were set with complimentary nibbles- I liked that you were expected to relax and enjoy the experience rather than being stood up all night in a crowded room trying to grab a canapé with one hand and protect your cocktail with another. The laid-back feel fitted perfectly with the theme of the restaurant and the entertainment was exemplary. 

Each dish on the menu is packed with flavour and you should always expect a bit of spice! The crispy squid was my favourite dish of the evening and the spicy malagueta chicken was very popular. The passionfruit cocktails are ones to order to keep the fiery flavours at bay and the mojitos were another popular choice of the evening.

There's two floors to Cabana with 4 different dining areas, including a balcony upstairs with hammocks to lounge on, an upstairs bar with more of a "night on the town" feel, a relaxed dining area inside the corn exchange and a dining spot where you can catch all the magic in the kitchen.

I had a great night at Cabana and I can't wait to go back and try more of the menu. It's in the perfect location for a quick dinner after a Saturday shopping trip, for cocktails after work with the girls or even for drinks with a date or a family meal. Each restaurant that has recently joined the Corn Exchange have their own style and I'm positive Cabana is going to be a very popular choice for Manchester.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Taste On Two with Harvey Nichols

I've promised myself that I'm going to attend more events now that summer's over, and last night was no exception! Yesterday, I spent the evening at Harvey Nichols Manchester for their Autumn food and drink event, 'Taste On Two'. Greeted with a complimentary cocktail and a branded apron as my entrance ticket, I knew this event wouldn't disappoint! We took part in wine tasting sessions, cooking demonstrations and drinks masterclasses, whilst being showered with samples and complimentary drinks. Obviously, it was an awful evening...

There were many tasting stations that showcased some of Harvey Nichols best suppliers; Smith & Sinclair shared their mouth-watering alcoholic sweets, Yee Kwan's handcrafted ice-cream with flavours of the Far East were incredibly popular, Professor Cornelias Aropleforth's Bathtub Gin was one to put hairs on your chest and I was stumped to find OHAYO - a little drink that cures a big hangover. You heard me right!

I had a blast at Taste On Two and I was lucky enough to be sent home with a goody bag including a red velvet cupcake (courtesy of J&D Cupcake Co.), two bottles of gin and a jar of Gran Luchito Smoked Chilli Mayo- well, that's just a partay in a bag isn't it?

Sunday, 5 July 2015

My Sunday Six

Sunday. It started off with banana pancakes for breakfast then a big clean in my room, I've transferred my winter wardrobe into storage (cos duh, it's ridiculously hot lately), from 4.15 I watched Princess Diaries 2 on TV and now I'm lay writing this post perfectly relaxed and ready for the week ahead. How I love Sundays. Here's a round up of my purchases and goings on this last week...

1. Shorter and blonder hair

I was brave. Like, really brave. Every girl reading this post will understand just how brave I was. I've cut all my hair. Well, not all my hair but it's the shortest it's ever been- it's now a long bob. I've been idolising Taylor Swift's hair for a good while now so I thought I'd give it a shot. I'm not really used to it yet, especially by the fact that I can't fit all my hair into a top knot, but as long as I keep watching the first series of Friends when Rachel has short hair then I think I'll be OK. 90's scrunchies and clips are definitely the way to go...

2. Killer Heels

Heels are where I seriously lack my girl points. I buy one pair and then wait until the heel/wedge has completely snapped off and then I buy a new pair. So here's my new pair- and aren't they pretty! I've never gone for strappies before, I'm really boring and just go for basic stilettos or wedge ankle boots. I walk like a penguin in them but they look good- what's a girl to do?

3. Liz Earle, Cleanse and Polish, Hot Cloth Cleanser 

I've had this since March and I've just realised I've not mentioned it at all on my blog, which is so weird because I use it all the time. So yeah, big raves for this little tube! My friend bought me this for my birthday (as she knows how much of a big beauty addict I am), and it's just as amazing as everyone says. It literally gets every inch of make-up off my face before I go to bed. I tend to switch between this and my Merumaya Melting Cleansing Balm - completely depends which bottle is closest to me at the time. This ones different in the fact it's a lot more delicate on my skin, creamier and smells glorious.

4. Cupcake Heaven

I promise I didn't eat all of these- I just ate two... These dreamy little things are from The Vintage Cupcake Kitchen in Uppermill and boy, oh boy are they good. I have a massive sweet tooth and these definitely hit the spot. The fondant is really sweet but that's just what makes them so good. If your stomach starts to swirl pretty quickly from a slice of chocolate cake then these are probably not the best choice for you. They're my idea of heaven.

 5. Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser from The Body Shop

According to the sales assistant, this little tub gives you the same amount of Vitamin C as it would to eat an orange (only this Vitamin C is going straight to your skin). I haven't really seen any difference in my skin tone since I started using it; I suffer from dark circles so I thought this might be able to give a bit of a boost; but no results yet. It feels and smells lovely when you apply it and I can tell it lasts all day. Definitely one to buy as a daily moisturiser.

 6. Alpro Almond Milk

I know this one is going to seem a bit strange but hear me out. I am a big dairy lover. I could very easily drink a pint of milk a day. It wasn't until one of the girls from work told me how much dairy can affect your pores that I thought maybe my intake is having a bit of a toll on my skin. I work with very healthy women, including a vegetarian and a vegan, so they're definitely the best people to work with when you're trying to work on that summer bod. I thought I'd give it a go and switch to almond milk, and it's surprisingly nice. Seriously, it's actually nice. It's basically the same as milk but with a nutty aftertaste. If you're trying to cut the calories but not to the extreme of a FAD diet, then maybe little alterations like this can make big changes. That's what I'm hoping for anyway...

Monday, 15 June 2015

OOTD: The Casual Day Dress

I never do these posts. I always plan them then never do them. Mostly because I feel like a tit posing in front of a camera. I'm not photo-genic in the least and it's not like I'm going to get snapped up as Britain's next top model any time soon. But I've been buying a lot of clothes lately so I thought I might as well start now whilst I have the wardrobe.

I'm pretty boring with my style - prints go as far as checks, florals and stripes. I'm more Zooey Deschanel then Kim Kardashian (style wise I mean). I don't do "sexy", it's just not me. I'd rather wear a peter-pan collar dress then a body-con any day. Seen as though pretty much everything in style at the moment is cropped and tight, it's been quite hard for me to find clothes that I actually feel comfortable in.

Zara has been my god send. I've never bought anything from Zara before because I never really saw anything I liked (please don't hate me). But this last month it's like they stock everything I could possibly ever want in my wardrobe.

I'll probably start accessorising my outfits better as time goes on but I'm not going to lie - the sun was about to go in. And lighting is way more important then accessorising am I right? #bloggerproblems.

Dress - Zara - £25.99

Sunglasses - Warehouse - £14.00

Shoes - Office (Last Season)

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Turtle Bay launch: A Night of Caribbean Feasting

You know what makes an epic Thursday night? Attending the launch of Turtle Bay in Manchester's Northern Quarter, with plates of dreamy Caribbean cuisine and endless top-ups of cocktails and Rum. However, the Friday was not so fun...*insert sick-face emoji* 

Last week, I received an invite to attend the VIP launch of Turtle Bay - the latest addition to Oldham Street in Northern Quarter, taking over residence of the former vintage clothes shop. There's nothing I love more then a pulled-pork burger and a mojito, so obviously, Turtle Bay was right in my element.

If there's one thing I remember from this launch, it's that Turtle Bay surely know how to throw a party. The live band caused a dance-off frenzy, the staff made sure I was never without a drink in my hand, and the Jerk chicken wings left my tastebuds begging for more, (they were hot and spicy, but not to the point you want to rip your tongue off).

The jazzy interior is sure to catch your eye, featuring colour artwork all over the walls, a shack-style kitchen and adorable paper lanterns at the entrance. The piping and lightbulbs strung from the ceiling didn't look tacky, but gave the perfect "secret shack" feel. It was like being at an exclusive taboo party that everybody wanted to attend.

There is already a Turtle Bay located in Manchester on Oxford Road, but I think this latest addition to Northern Quarter fits in perfectly. It's affordable, eccentric, and a seriously good night out. It's now open to the public so if you like to party hard you should definitely add Turtle Bay to your go-to list. It'll probably become the one and only place you ever want to go. They lifted everyone's spirits after a long day at work, and I for one never want to go home. Thanks Turtle Bay - you kick-started summer with exotic flavour and Caribbean class.

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